Are We Good Fit?

We are a likely a good fit if: 

-you can attend sessions M-F between 9a-2p (ending at 3p)

-you're ready to do the work needed to change

-you're serious about committing to therapy

-you enjoy a relaxing laid back, but professional atmosphere

-you can commit to scheduled appointments

-you want to work with a therapist who cares about your life getting better 

We are definitely not a good fit if: 

-you need in office sessions after 3p or on weekends

-you know you'll need to cancel or reschedule your appointments frequently

-you're unwilling to change your thinking patterns or behaviors to improve your life

-you're seeking disability benefits & need a therapist's help to do so in any way

-you're going through a custody battle or divorce & are seeking expert testimony

-you expect that a therapist will do all the work for you to change   

-you plan on working with more than one individual therapist at a time (doesn't include family or couples counseling)